The back is an ideal canvas for body art designs as it offers a wide surface of skin that is also fairly flat so it gives the tattooist plenty of room to work and create your chosen design to the best effect. While girls seemed to prefer the lower back area for many years, guys on the whole favored the whole back, especially those who want elaborate, intricately detailed tattoos on a larger scale. Upper Back Tattoos For MenHowever, there has been a surge in demand for upper back tattoos for men in recent years, particularly for the area below the neck and around the shoulder blades. Both vertical and horizontal designs work well on this placement area and there are a variety of pictorial and script designs to choose from for anyone who is considering mens tattoos for this location.

While tribal artwork and symbols are popular for smaller tattoos, strategically placed in a central position, there are some interesting alternatives for medium to large body art designs that are not as widespread among male tattoo fans just yet. One of the hottest trends in recent years has seen traditional picture images replaced by written designs instead and if you opted for such a design in a foreign language or script, you will be practically smoking! These designs may include a few words, a phrase or even a quote that is inspirational and significant to the wearer. Popular foreign languages used in these designs are Italian, French and Latin however ancient script like Sanskrit, Hebrew and Arabic are overtaking these ‘word’ designs. This may be in part because this form of script can be depicted on a much smaller scale so there are more options for longer text such as prayers, religious verses and the like as opposed to a word or two. If you prefer to use words, there are many different font styles available but as the back is quite a wide area, I would suggest going for larger, bolder letters in a block style perhaps for a maximum visual impact.

Upper Back Tattoos For MenChinese characters and Japanese Kanji are also favored by many guys although these are often incorporated with other oriental themed images like the koi fish, cherry blossom and fire-breathing dragons. Other animal images and birds too, are also widely requested for upper back tattoos for men however wing designs are another huge trend for this particular area, not least because it is this part of the back from which angelic wings would emanate. Of course, many people associate angel designs more with women than men however these can be just as masculine depending on the style in which they are depicted. While their female counterparts may opt for pretty feminine designs like butterfly wings or pink feathered variations, men are more likely to add a darker edge to their versions such as torn wings, bat wings or even the wings of a bird of prey like the eagle or hawk. This is certainly one to consider if you really want an attention-grabbing tattoo that will definitely make anyone watching do a double take as you remove your shirt but these particular designs are also rich in profound symbolism too.