Some of the most popular tattoo designs in the past decade or more have been those inspired or emulating the artwork of tribes and ancient civilizations around the world. These are bold, masculine and very flattering – particularly when inked on a muscular male torso – and there are tattoos of this nature to suit every part of the body which are available in small, medium and large versions. Tribal Back Tattoos For Men However, due to their immense popularity, these designs seem to be growing in size too as more and more men seek bigger and more prominent imagery, including tribal back tattoos for men. On the whole, the back is perhaps the best canvas on the entire body from a tattoo artist’s respect as it provides a very wide and predominantly flat surface of skin that can really do justice to larger more elaborate designs.

These tribal back tattoos for men come in a variety of different styles whether you want a simple horizontal piece strategically placed between the shoulder blades on the upper area or a vertical piece running down one side, perhaps incorporating the shoulder too. The artwork may consist of a few abstract symbols and patterns combined with other more recognizable images such as wings, flowers, vines and barbed wire as well as crosses, knots and interwoven lines, as depicted for Celtic inspired designs. Many of these designs are illustrated solely in one ink color, often dark grey, black, blue or green however in recent years bi and tri-color designs of this kind seem to have rise in popularity. These inject a small amount of contrasting colored ink into the design which enhances the visual effect of the whole piece as these really stand out against the darker ink and will add additional aesthetic value to the overall tattoo.

Tribal Back Tattoos For Men In addition, larger pieces that cover most of the back’s surface in monochrome black ink colors are also favored by many seeking tribal back tattoos for men and these are as macho as they are eye-catching. Among the most popular tribal designs widely requested for this particular kind of body art, are Samoan and Maori inspired creations. The former consists of a series of complex geometrical shapes arranged in equal triangle or straight linear patterns, for an impressive symmetrical effect. Maori tattoos of this kind however offer a very different visual effect, consisting of sweeping spirals and curvilinear patterns and these work well on the whole back, as well as for smaller areas such as the shoulder, flank or lower back. Another hugely popular form of tribal art is that which has been used in the Hawaiian islands for centuries, known as kakau. These are ideal for smaller tattoos using a single image and imagery associated with nature such as animals, insects, flowers and plants are generally used for these designs, portrayed in black monochrome ink in a more abstract form. While some of these designs remain faithful to the original artwork, others have been adapted and customized in recent years for a more contemporary effect that combines the old with the new. Swirls, spikes, key-patterns and totems have all been added to these designs to make them more unique to the individual but despite this, most of these still retain some essence of their origins.