The boundaries between male and female choices when it comes to body art designs today have merged considerably in recent years to such an extent that neither men or women can claim exclusivity on certain imagery, previously favored by one of the other. Angel Tattoos For Men From floral imagery to tribal artwork, there is no longer any set pattern in what designs are chosen by either sex and most modern tattoos can be adjusted to suit both male and female enthusiasts which may explain the rise in demand for such designs as angel tattoo for men. Symbolic angels, offering connotations of guardianship, protection, purity, morality, strength, and celestial beauty would have been predominantly in demand with women much more than their male counterparts however the masculine versions of these spiritual beings, also have a great deal to offer.

These celestial beings are deemed to be God’s messengers and have featured in mythology and legends in many cultures around the world for centuries where there roles have involved protecting and guiding human beings, as well as undertaking God’s tasks. However, many of the angel tattoos for men today often follow a darker theme depicting one of the archangels such as Michael, Raphael or Gabriel with a sword and shield in hand, battling one of the fallen angels to represent the ongoing struggle of good against evil.

The term fallen angel originates from the biblical book of Enoch, which describes how these beings were thrown out of heaven with Lucifer, when he rebelled against God and was cast down to earth as a result. Lucifer is of course universally recognized today by his other names, Satan or the Devil and his Dark Angels can be easily distinguished from the heavenly variety by their more demonic appearance.Angel Tattoos For Men Instead of white feathered wings, flowing robes, golden hair and halos these look much darker with tattered wings, horns and bat-like or reptilian features. Frightening as these may seem, they actually look pretty amazing inked on the male torso in monochrome shades of grey or black ink entwined in battle with one of God’s angelic warriors. These are ideal for medium to large placement areas, especially those with a large, vertical skin surface like the ribs, back, arms or leg.

There are also many designs in angel tattoos for men that depict either one or the other, as well as both male and female angels with wings spread wide for a larger canvas of skin such as the back, placed beneath or between the shoulder blades in particular. Additional religious images of iconic status such as the cross or crucifix are also incorporated in many designs of this nature and these are popular for use in memorial tattoos too. These may include the name or dates relating to the deceased loved one that they individual wishes to ay homage to with there choice of body art. Angel wing designs are also highly favored for this particular area in intricately designed detail down to the last feather for an exquisite effect that looks extremely realistic and these can also be depicted as tattered or torn to reflect the wings of a fallen angel instead.

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