For anyone who has an interest in finding out more about mens tattoo designs, there is a wealth of information and pictures to help you pick out just the right one for you however with so much choice, you may want to fine tune your search options. Mens Tattoo DesignsThe first step is to determine what style of tattoo you want and just as importantly to decide which part of the body you want to get inked. To many tattoo enthusiasts, the latter is as important, if not more so than the former because different designs can have a differing effect depending on where it will be displayed. There are even some designs that are created with the shape of a specific surface of skin in mind such as tribal arm bands which are designed to accentuate the muscles and enhance the biceps for a very masculine result. Other designs may be better suited to a flatter surface of skin while some tattoos look best on a larger canvas like the back, ribs or chest area while some images need to be placed on a smaller body part for best effect. This all comes down to scale and while some designs can be scaled to suit a larger or smaller area others will lose their appeal or just look ridiculous because they will either look lost or cramped if inked in the wrong place.

If you are looking at large and more elaborate mens tattoo designs then you will need a suitably sized body part to do it justice however of you want a small image only perhaps for the neck, shoulder or hand, it is best to choose a more simplistic design.

The reasoning behind this is simply because smaller designs with a great deal of detail are more likely to smudge or distort, thus losing their intricacy any way. Therefore sticking with less detailed designs such as tribal symbols, zodiac signs and basic script designs work better on lesser areas but these can still look equally effective. The dark monochrome ink colours of black, dark grey, blue or green that are popular in designs featuring tribal artwork patterns or symbols actually make a bold statement on their own when inked on the skin. Mens Tattoo DesignsIn fact these can often look as visually stunning as some of their more colourful counterparts and are actually as effective in their simplicity as their more elaborately detailed rivals.

When it comes to popular designs that are as colourful as they are detailed, oriental themed images have long been a favourite for mens tattoo designs. These include some wonderful dragon designs that extend around and encompass multiple body parts such as the back, shoulder and chest or ribs, chest and upper arms. Other popular images along a similar theme include geisha girls, samurai warrior, koi fish and even floral designs such as the lotus or cherry blossom flowers. Japanese kanji and Chinese characters are also popular as are any other designs that use text instead of pictures particularly those that are depicted in a foreign language or script such as Sanskrit, Arabic or Hebrew.